Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Alien UFO shoots at missile (CNN) News, Amazing Accounts Of Real UFOs!

A UFO was seen shooting a beam of light at a missile and the USAF is saying that the CIA has taken over their air base because of it. NASA wont talk about alien, CIA killed JFK to hide aliens...because he released a memo to the CIA to give all alien info to NASA...1 week later JFK was dead. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

5 Most Mysterious Photos from the Moon, NASA Photo Archives, World UFO Sighting Updates.

The five most mysterious pictures from the Moon, including a UFO sighting during NASA's Apollo 16 mission, an alien colossus spotted on the surface of the moon, a secret extraterrestrial colony or military moonbase, a strange employee photo taken when NASA bombed the moon, and curious lunar sprites that appear to be an underground power station captured by the Apollo space missions

Dig Deeper:
Apollo 16 UFO: http://1.usa.gov/1ttpgwT
Google Moon Colossus: http://exm.nr/1twtXrB
Moonbase: http://huff.to/1zqtuuc
LCROSS Moon Bombing: http://bit.ly/1rOlbQ8
Lunar Sprites Image: http://bit.ly/1zqtEBD

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Banned Sci-Fi Channel UFO Special! - James Doohan, Bob Lazar, UFO Sightings World Strangest News.

I recorded this from a VHS recorder, and transferred it to DVD which is why I still have it. It may be old and degraded but I have always liked this presentation. I have not watched the Sci-Fi Channel for a while now not being able to afford cable, but as far as I could see they did not publish anything like this afterwards and I got the feeling they were prevented or warned not to do so, of course for national security. Sci-Fi Channel used to publish other things like this, including a really good special on Russian UFO recoveries hosted by Roger Moore which I wish I had recorded also. There are certainly better copies of this essential Bob Lazar interview out there, but not with the UFO special hosted by James Doohan (played the engineer on the original Star Trek), so I am glad I recorded it when I did. Download this while you can as I might have to take it down if Sci-Fi Channel files copyright infringement, which is likely because they are surely under control and they don't want people to believe in or think about UFOs, because they are in the process of planetary acquisition, as the most credible research by Dr. David Jacobs, Dr. Karla Turner, Budd Hopkins, and others shows.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Illuminati Tries To Hide Giant Figure On Mars Google Map! Found And Reported! Alien News.

Date of discovery: August 16, 2014 
Location of discovery: Mars Source Map: http://www.google.com/mars/?authuser=1#lat=22.662491&lon=-132.809085&zoom=9&map=infrared

Hey what is going on here? This person found this giant figure on Mars and yes its real, made by intelligent beings with incredible tech. How is this possible? Why hasn't NASA done something to tell us about this? This is world news, this is info the United Nations needs to know, but instead we are hearing about Justin Biebers new hair cut!

 Eyewitness states: 
Guys I found this today and I am still amazed at what it is. The face alone is an incredible find, but this one has 70% of a figure to it. This guy looks like a warrior with his massive shoulders and arms. Hope you like it. Scott C. Waring

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

7 BIGGEST Underwater Mysteries We Still Don't Understand, Aliens? Video, UFO Sighting Global News.

7 BIGGEST Underwater Mysteries From an underwater stonehenge to a picture of a mastadon on a rock to magnetic anomolies in a strange lake, these are the 7 biggest underwater mysteries will still don't understand. Narration provided by JaM Advertising New Mexico www.tasteofjam.com Ivan Terence Sanderson was a Scottish biologist who first coined the term "Vile Vortex" to describe areas of unusual phenomena found around the world. He claimed there were twelve such areas, and barring the few on land in Asia, Africa and Antarctica; most of these areas can be found out at sea, with the most famous being - the Bermuda Triangle. Right now the only people playing "hide the sub" should be Jared from Subway's cellmates, but in 1968 someone or something caused not one, not two, but four submarines to randomly disappear around the world. Stonehenge is one of the most famous historical monuments in the world, but it is far from the only random arrangement of old-timey stones humanity has uncovered. We've seen similar sites across Europe, Asia, Africa and America, but none of these were ever discovered underwater. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration constantly monitor the ocean for unique sounds emanating from the ocean. They pick up all sorts of strange and weird noises every day, yet whilst most can be explained, the origin of some has never been determined. With a name like that you know this thing isn't gonna be small. Leptocephalus Giganteus is an eel species of which only two have ever been observed, and on both occasions they were undeveloped larvae. The first sighting was in 1930 off the coast of South Africa, when Danish scientist Anton Brunn captured a 6ft specimen. He recognised it as the larvae of a Leptocephalus, who are typically around one thirtieth of the adult's size, which means if fully matured it could have grown to over 180ft. There are countless examples of marine biologists estimating the size of an ocean dwelling creature only to encounter one far larger than anyone thought possible. One such event occurred in Japan's Suruga Bay, where Japanese scientists detected a huge 30ft shark, leading some to wonder whether the prehistoric Megalodon, which measured up to 59 feet, could still be lurking somewhere at the bottom of the ocean today. Southern Siberia's Lake Baikal is the largest freshwater lake in the world, and not only is it incredibly ancient, clocking in at 25-30 million years old, but the lake and surrounding area also contains a rich biodiversity of over 1000 plant species and 2500 animal species, of which 80% exist nowhere else in the world.