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Forest Ranger Sees UFO Take Elk From Group And Fly Away With It, March 1, 1999, Space News.

UFO Elk Abduction Said Witnessed In Washington State

On Monday, March 01, 1999, the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) got a bring over its phone Hotline (206-722-3000) from a person who distinguished himself as a representative in the ranger service industry in Washington State. The individual left a message, in which he announced that a group of ranger service specialists professedly had been observer to an occurrence on Thursday, February 25, 1999, amid which time an elk was lifted off the ground and diverted by an extremely unconventional, plate molded question. [*Click here to hear a passage from the hotline recording.]

Diminish B. Davenport, Director of NUFORC, reached a few of the people whose names and phone numbers had been given by the principal contact. In light of those phone discussions, he chose to start a preparatory examination of the occurrence.

Since NUFORC customarily does not fill in as an investigative body, Mr. Davenport reached Mr. Robert A. Fairfax, Director of Investigations for the Washington State Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network, which conducts examinations of asserted UFO sightings. Messrs. Davenport and Fairfax ventured out to the area of the asserted episode, and together have been leading an examination of this elk snatching case since Friday, March 05.

Their examination to date has incorporated a trek to the site of the episode, a meeting of three of the charged fourteen observers to the genuine kidnapping, and a few discussions with people who work with the onlookers. Furthermore, the specialists reviewed the body of a grown-up elk, a pregnant bovine, which was discovered dead alongside a logging street on March 01 by other ranger service workers inside a couple of miles of the important occasion.

The examination and gathering of realities encompassing the case will proceed. This preparatory synopsis of their discoveries to date is submitted together by Messrs. Davenport and Fairfax.

Occurrence Summary:

On Thursday, February 25, 1999, at only a couple of minutes before twelve, three ranger service laborers, who were planting seedling trees in the mountains of Washington State, saw a little, plate formed protest gradually float over an adjacent edge to their south, and plunge into the valley toward the north of their position. The protest plunged quietly with what appeared to the witnesses a deliberate way, showing a slight "wobble" to its flight.

The three laborers at first thought the protest was some sort of parachute that was floating and plummeting, however they immediately understood that their underlying impression was not right. Henceforth, they yelled to their eleven collaborators adjacent, who were chipping away at the north-bound slope, and every one of the fourteen individuals from the work group watched the protest for an expected 3-5 minutes.

Close to their first perception of the protest, the witnesses got to be distinctly mindful that the question was voyaging for the most part toward a group of elk that they had been observing throughout the morning. They kept on looking as the protest continued toward the crowd until it prevailing with regards to getting very near the creatures. The creatures clearly stayed unconscious of the objectís nearness until it was inside a short separation of the group.

All of a sudden, the creatures blasted, the greater part of the them running up the slant to their east. Nonetheless, one grown-up creature was seen by the observers to separate itself from the group and run or run to for the most part toward the north, maybe along a logging street. The witnesses report that now, the question immediately moved specifically over the solitary elk and appeared to lift it off the ground, albeit no obvious method for support of the creature was apparent to the spectators.

[Photo of occurrence site and detailed way of art (realistic by Robert Fairfax)]

The witnesses included that soon after lifting the elk off the ground, the protest appeared to start to "wobble" to a more articulated degree than it had shown before. Also, as the question seemed to expand its height, the elk, which was suspended upright underneath the circle, turned gradually underneath it and had all the earmarks of being getting nearer to the ventral surface of the plate. They additionally remarked that the protest appeared to increment in size marginally after it had grabbed the creature.

With the elk suspended underneath it, the question started to climb gradually up an obvious incline toward the east. Be that as it may, the witnesses watched it evidently brush the highest points of adjacent trees toward the east, and soon thereafter it switched its course and continued toward the west. It executed a 360-degree swing to one side and may have increased some slight height all the while, the witnesses thought.

After the question had finished its turn and was by and by continuing in a by and large easterly bearing, it started rising rapidly at what appeared to the observers to be a somewhat soak edge. It kept on rising, and basically vanished from sight of the witnesses.

The witnesses expressed that once the protest had begun to rise and had moved to an elevation over their vantage point, they no longer could see the creature suspended beneath the specialty. Their assumption was that the creature had by one means or another been taken into the art, in spite of the fact that the witnesses could perceive no "entryway," or any sort of opening through which the creature may have been passed on into the art.

The witnesses likewise expressed that taking after the occurrence, the group of elk stayed in a similar general territory, despite the fact that stayed more firmly clustered to each other than had been the situation before in the morning. The specialists included that they, as well, had stayed more like each other until their takeoff from the zone toward the finish of the work day.


Examination outline arranged by Peter B. Davenport, Director, National UFO Reporting Center, and Robert A. Fairfax, Director of Investigations, Mutual UFO Network, for the Washington State

- -

By Low Lawhon,

The Washington State Elk Abduction

February 25, 1999

11:58 A.M.

On this winter morning, fourteen ranger service laborers, representatives of an expansive, anonymous organization, were planting trees in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State around 20 miles west of Mt. St. Helens. Three of the men had been viewing an adjacent group of elk in the valley beneath them throughout the morning.

All of a sudden, a heel-molded protest with two stripes on its back showed up over an adjacent edge and started floating in an upper east course. At first, the three men thought it was something like a parachute, however it kept up a relentless elevation, taking after the shapes of the territory underneath it.

As the protest moved toward the group of elk, the three men shouted to the next eleven individuals from the work team. Each of the fourteen men remained on the slope and looked as the question drifted down into the valley towards the elk.

The quiet protest could get very close to the elk before the creatures saw it. When they noticed it, a large portion of the crowd hurried toward the east, toward a thickly lush zone. One elk, however, jogged off toward the north, down a logging street. It was to this solitary elk that the protest flew. The astounded laborers looked as the protest coasted over the elk and after that seemed to lift the elk off the ground with some kind of imperceptible compel. The protest then got off, with the elk gradually turning underneath it. It climbed the edge, scarcely clearing the trees, and afterward down into the following valley, beyond anyone's ability to see of the ranger service specialists. Following a couple of minutes, the question then returned, obviously without the elk, and rose at fast until it vanished into the sky.

The case was accounted for to NUFORC, and Peter Davenport of NUFORC and Robert Fairfax of MUFON Washington made a trip to the site and met the witnesses. For their report go to NUFORC. They likewise inspected the body of a female elk that was found toward the north of the site. It couldn't be resolved if this was a similar elk. A hefty portion of the witnesses had been with the organization for quite a long time and they were for the most part esteemed to be dependable.

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Alien UFO shoots at missile (CNN) News, Amazing Accounts Of Real UFOs!

A UFO was seen shooting a beam of light at a missile and the USAF is saying that the CIA has taken over their air base because of it. NASA wont talk about alien, CIA killed JFK to hide aliens...because he released a memo to the CIA to give all alien info to NASA...1 week later JFK was dead. 

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5 Most Mysterious Photos from the Moon, NASA Photo Archives, World UFO Sighting Updates.

The five most mysterious pictures from the Moon, including a UFO sighting during NASA's Apollo 16 mission, an alien colossus spotted on the surface of the moon, a secret extraterrestrial colony or military moonbase, a strange employee photo taken when NASA bombed the moon, and curious lunar sprites that appear to be an underground power station captured by the Apollo space missions

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Apollo 16 UFO:
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Lunar Sprites Image:

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Banned Sci-Fi Channel UFO Special! - James Doohan, Bob Lazar, UFO Sightings World Strangest News.

I recorded this from a VHS recorder, and transferred it to DVD which is why I still have it. It may be old and degraded but I have always liked this presentation. I have not watched the Sci-Fi Channel for a while now not being able to afford cable, but as far as I could see they did not publish anything like this afterwards and I got the feeling they were prevented or warned not to do so, of course for national security. Sci-Fi Channel used to publish other things like this, including a really good special on Russian UFO recoveries hosted by Roger Moore which I wish I had recorded also. There are certainly better copies of this essential Bob Lazar interview out there, but not with the UFO special hosted by James Doohan (played the engineer on the original Star Trek), so I am glad I recorded it when I did. Download this while you can as I might have to take it down if Sci-Fi Channel files copyright infringement, which is likely because they are surely under control and they don't want people to believe in or think about UFOs, because they are in the process of planetary acquisition, as the most credible research by Dr. David Jacobs, Dr. Karla Turner, Budd Hopkins, and others shows.

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Illuminati Tries To Hide Giant Figure On Mars Google Map! Found And Reported! Alien News.

Date of discovery: August 16, 2014 
Location of discovery: Mars Source Map:

Hey what is going on here? This person found this giant figure on Mars and yes its real, made by intelligent beings with incredible tech. How is this possible? Why hasn't NASA done something to tell us about this? This is world news, this is info the United Nations needs to know, but instead we are hearing about Justin Biebers new hair cut!

 Eyewitness states: 
Guys I found this today and I am still amazed at what it is. The face alone is an incredible find, but this one has 70% of a figure to it. This guy looks like a warrior with his massive shoulders and arms. Hope you like it. Scott C. Waring